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Leathery goodness that will last for ages!
Hand Crafted Leather Goods

Taranis Works offers handcrafted leather goods ranging from delightfully kinky, to highly function leather goods for reenactment enthusiasts. Our workshop is located outside of Cleveland, Ohio and all of our leather work is proudly crafted in the USA. We are a small leather working shop, and are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding our leather products.

You can browse our leather goods in our online store, or visit our travelling 'Pop Up' shop.

Custom Orders Are Available!
Visit Our Leather 'Pop Up' Shop

Several times a year our leather workshop hits the road and can be found at Festivals, Conventions, and even on reenactment battlefields around the USA. At our 'Pop Up' shop you will discover a wide range of leather goods, from bracers to floggers. Why not check out our schedule of events to discover if our 'Pop Up' shop will be near you soon?


See us in person!
From Kinky Leather To Reenactment Goods

Our leather goods are designed for function, style, and fun. Over the years our leather workshop has picked up a variety of clients from a diverse selection of backgrounds. As such we serve many communities such as the SCA, DAG, and various fetish communities.

All of our leather goods can be customized, and are intended to be used, and even a little abused in certain settings. Customers are welcome to contact us about custom commissions.

The floggings will continue....
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