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Starting out with a BANG!

As the New Year starts to slowly pick up steam, we are ramping up production into high gear for our next event! We're going to Ohayocon (! This will be the biggest convention we've vended at, and I can barely contain the excitement!

I have been to Ohayocon as an attendee way back, in the long-long ago, and have nothing but great memories, and slightly embarrassing pictures from it. I'm really looking forward to going again, and making some great memories with the rest of the Taranis Works crew, and getting some new slightly embarrassing pictures taken.

I will have the leather repair kit onsite, as we normally do, so please stop by our booth in Artist Alley if you need a quick fix-up for a cosplay emergency.

I will also have a few of our new offerings at the table as well:



Eye Pouches:

And more!

Can't wait to see you all there!

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