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Time to up your game

Tis almost Valentine's Day, and it's time to gear up for the kinkiest day of the year! 

Tired of using that cheapo bondage kit that's digging into your partner's wrists? Why not get a set that's custom made to their size? 

Each one of our starter sets  comes with a set of restraints, collar , blindfold, and your choice of flogger  or slapper. For $200,  that's a steal.

Don't need everything in the starter set? Just need a good pair of wrist and ankle cuffs? Say no more!. Each pair of these cuffs are lined with soft leather that feels great against the skin. 

New Impact Play Toys!

Floggers are fun, Paddles thud so we'll, but we couldn't think of a happy medium until we made on: Slapper Paddles . Think of it as a leather paddle without a stiff core. 

More of a flogger fan, but want some more Thud than our  Heavy Flogger ? We've heard your wishes, and granted them with out  Thuddy Flogger .

New Harnesses!

One of the most requested kink items we've been asked to make is  Bulldog Harnesses , so we've made them! 

These are great for any gender:

Offers a great way for your partner to get a really good handhold.

Doesn't crush/separate any boobtacular areas on your chest.

Are stylish as fuck. They go with any outfit.

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